Only 6% of yield farmers are women- Coingecko survey on yield farming

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The crypto data platform has recently issued a report on yield farming activities. Some interesting statics emerged from this research. According to the survey which analyzed the yield farming activities from 25 August to 54 September 2020, most yield farmers are men aged between 30-39 (34%) and 40-59 (33) from Asia and Europe. Only 6% of yield farmers are women.

This statistic is not surprising given that number of women in the crypto space has always been alarmingly low compared to any other industries, even other tech spaces.

coingecko survey yeld farming

It is not surprising to note, though, that the average age of yield farmers tends to be much older than the crypto investors and those participants of the 2017 ICO boom. It might suggest that yield farming is reserved for more experienced and mature crypto players.

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Yield farming, despite being a global phenomenon, is dominated by crypto holders in Asia and Europe, with 31% users come from European countries, and 28% from Asia. While bitcoin is widely used in less developed countries with high inflation in South America and Africa, yield farming is still relatively unknown there. Access the full report here.

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